Patrick Flores

Software Developer

Where I've worked

Abracon LLC

Developed software systems as part of Abracon's operations team with focus on increasing business efficiency

Position: Software Developer

FITT Finder

Created a custom blog for FITT Finder by writing PHP plugins and themes in WordPress

Position: Software Engineer


Created the front-end of a single-page app using: JavaScript, Vue.js, MapBox, open street maps, Bootstrap, and Google Firebase

Position: Software Engineer

What I've Built

Paluxe website app
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A landing page that talks about a book and its authors.

Vanilla Javascript, and Bootstrap CSS Framework

Avent loop website app
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Avant Loop

A social media sign up page.

Vanilla Javascript, and Bootstrap CSS Framework

CMS app
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Content Management System

This is a CMS for bloggers. It has a backend to manage the posts, comments users and categories.

PHP, Javascript, and Bootstrap CSS Framework for the UI

GitHub Finder app
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GitHub Finder

Github Finder allows you to fetch information on Github users using the GitHub API.

Vanilla Javascript, Github API and Bootswatch for the UI

Book List app
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Book List

Book List is perfect for libraries and is also linked to your local storage in the browser.

Vanilla Javascript and Skeleton for the UI

Kingdom Hearts clock
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Kingdom Hearts Release Date Countdown

This page shows off Kingdom Hearts' animations and displays a countdown for the games release.

Javascript and CSS styling

Loan calculator app
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Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator compounds a loan biyearly and gives you the interest.

Vanilla Javascript and Bootstrap CSS Framework for the UI

Task App
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Task List

Task List uses Local Storage to save tasks after the user has closed the browser.

Vanilla Javascript and Materialize for the UI

My certificates

CPU Certification
Adobe Certified Associate

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